On Lindbergh's Return to the United States
June 11, 1927 (Audio)

Calvin Coolidge: On behalf of his own people, who have a deep affection for him, and have been thrilled by his splendid achievements, and as President of the United States, I bestow the distinguished Flying Cross, as a symbol of appreciation for what he is and what he has done, upon Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh.


Intelligent, industrious, energetic, dependable, purposeful, alert, quick of reaction, serious, deliberate, stable, efficient, kind, modest, congenial, a man of good moral habits and regular in his business transactions.


Charles Lindbergh: When I landed at Le Bourget, a few weeks ago, I landed with the expectancy, and the hope, of being able to see Europe. [Laughter and applause]. It was the first time I had ever been abroad [Laughter], and I wasnft in any hurry to get back [Laughter and applause]. And I was informed, that while it wasnft an order to come back home [laughter], that therefd be a battleship waiting for me next week. [Laughter and applause].